TIDWIT enables rapid scaling of technical learning and readiness content distribution to GSI employees and downstream partners worldwide.

Quality Content

Whether its for technical learning or technical readiness, TIDWIT enables GSIs to reach all worldwide employees and partners in days/weeks versus months with the most up to date content.

Key benefits:

  • Launch an ecosystem instance in minutes and integrate with your favorite ISV’s
  • Fully customize and control your ecosystem
  • Don’t send your users to other non-compliant portals, Be compliant with GDPR, SSO, and PII protection!
  • Integrate existing backends including HR, CRM, LMS, and ERP systems
  • Get real time metrics and industry benchmarks

Easy Access

TIDWIT helps GSI employees and partners find what they need to know faster through the convenience of single sign on.

Arjiit Chakrabarti

Global Learning Lead, IBM

TIDWIT makes the latest Microsoft learning much more easily and quickly accessible to IBM practitioners, especially with a focus on certification.

Increased Accountability

TIDIWT ensures GSIs achieve comprehensive compliance, increase employee and partner accountability for content consumption and achieve required certification levels through detailed usage metrics and reporting.

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