Cloud Ecosystem Access and Single Sign-On (SSO)

To scale successfully, cloud ecosystems need to balance three primary factors: Complex ecosystem structures; protection of PII and secure/standardized access. The TIDWIT Cloud Ecosystem Network optimizes these three factors through a combination of ecosystem architecture, flexibility in deployment, and support for SSO.

Secure/Standardized Access: TIDWIT provides full registration and secure user/group features. In addition, the TIDWIT Cloud Ecosystem Network delivers the capability to utilize SSO across their ecosystem, which provides an organization the extensibility it needs to maintain secure and standardized access for its ecosystem global users. TIDWIT provides unique SSO capabilities that match the complexity of its ecosystem structures. The four types of ecosystem access that can be realized through the TIDWIT Cloud Ecosystem Network include:

PII and Compliance: Organizations around the world are focused on securing PII in order to meet rising data breach risks and commensurate compliance requirements. Organizations are no longer willing to send tens of thousands of their users to other portals but would very much rather that the content they need to access comes to the safe environments where their users already are. The TIDWIT Cloud Ecosystem Network makes it easy to syndicate content between organizations, while allowing these very organizations to continue managing their user sets where they wish and using the identity providers or infrastructure that they prefer to protect their user PII.

Complex Ecosystem Structures:   Traditional ecosystems are highly fragmented, resulting in fragmented content and user experiences.   Multi-tier distribution models within ecosystems only add further complexity.   TIDWIT helps organizations overcome this complexity through more visible, scalable and flexible management of cloud ecosystem data and partner performance.  Unlike traditional solutions, the TIDWIT Cloud Ecosystem Network does not impose any detrimental trade-offs in delivering secure access, compliance and protection of PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

In addition to supporting global SSO standards, such as SAML, TIDWIT seamlessly integrates with identity providers (IDPs) such as:

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