TIDWIT Cloud Ecosystem Reporting

Reporting is one of the most important features of the TIDWIT Cloud Ecosystem Network.

Security and Privacy: TIDWIT provides both of these key elements through high levels of encryption, multiple layers of security (hardware and software), as well as PII and GDPR compliance. TIDWIT has met rigorous levels of security and privacy testing by global customers. As the TIDWIT ecosystem model is meant to open access between trusted partners, our technology and infrastructure is architected to impede any access to everyone else. With respect to privacy, TIDWIT is GDPR compliant and protects the privacy of organizational users (see our Privacy and GDPR policies).

Comprehensive Reporting:  TIDWIT reporting comes in three modes: ecosystem reports, workload reports and standard/customized data.

Ecosystem reports provide overall visibility of an ecosystem and how well it is performing with delve-down data capabilities.

Partner ecosystem content in one place

Workload reports take cross sections of certain workloads (learning, marketing, etc.) that have been deployed on an ecosystem in order to provide in depth data.

Standard/customized data reports provide even more flexibility on how ecosystem data gets accessed.

TIDWIT APIs also provide interconnectivity into leading Business Intelligence tools such as Microsoft’s PowerBI, SQL SSIS and SSRS, IBM Cognos, QlikView, Tableau, SAP Crystal Reports, and Oracle BIEE.


Data Interconnectivity: One of the most important requirements between cloud ecosystem partners is creating the desired user experience, matching that experience with data insights to understand exactly what is happening at any given moment, align the experience with established goals, then take informed action. For this to occur, data must be accessible in real time and be consistently delivered.

  • Real Time Accessibility: Partners with large communities of users might not give access to each other’s systems for a variety of reasons, including concerns over security, privacy and technology. The TIDWIT Cloud Ecosystem Network serves as a bridge between different organizations while assuring privacy and security in providing seamless data interconnectivity. TIDWIT offers a friendly UX (or APIs from their systems) that empower partner organizations to access critical data simultaneously, in real time, within the agreed-to parameters (with PII or without).
  • Consistent Single Source of Truth: Fragmented ecosystems are expensive to maintain when it comes to data as most processes need to be done manually. A key requirement of ecosystem partners is making sure their data is congruent and consistent. By deploying a TIDWIT ecosystem and integrating it into backend systems and legacies using TIDWIT APIs, organizations end up with a consistent, single source of truth across their entire partner ecosystem.
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